Typhoon Plant Protection is a privately owned, South African company that has been dedicated to the supply of crop protection products for over 30 years and sources, develops and distributes specialty crop protection and production solutions for agricultural and horticultural producers, and for selected non-crop users.

Based in Heidelberg, Gauteng, our fully integrated site delivers registration, manufacturing & distribution throughout South Africa.

The Typhoon Plant Protection product portfolio includes specialist herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, fertilisers and non-chemical technologies.

Typhoon Plant Protection focuses on understanding and fulfilling the needs of our customers on a local and Southern African level using the highest quality standards and dedicated service. Our business ethics centre on honesty, transparency, and the ability to adapt to the ongoing changes in the market conditions, world climates and subsequently the needs of our customers

Our mission is to:

• Provide agronomic performance for the grower and a low risk margin opportunity for customers
• Obtain independent generic product registrations and combinations of (generic) agrochemicals
• Source the best raw materials and formulated product locally and globally
• Ensure complete traceability along our supply chain

Our mission is realized through comprehensive business partners, marketing and logistics in the area of Typhoon Plant Protection, delivered by professional and committed team.

The key to our success is the strong belief in what we do. We know we are heading in the right direction because we are certain of who we want to be and what we want to achieve. What unites us is the mission to fulfil and a shared vision of the future.

Quality and Compliance:

Typhoon Plant Protection (Pty) Ltd is committed to a policy of continuous improvement of occupational health and safety and committed to comply with applicable Occupational Health & Safety legislation and other requirements.

All our products are Registered with Act 36 of 1947 to ensure that our customers receive the quality products they are promised.